Wednesday, July 27, 2011


a year's worth of crapness!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Updated my reel

Shot Breakdown:
1-2: characters animated in flash
3: Moom rig by Ratmin ( Ball with legs rig created by me.
4: character animated in flash
5: Bandito model created by Jason Borda ( ). Rigged and animated by me.
6: character animated in flash
7: character animated in flash
8: Simple game character, Modeled, rigged and animated by me.
9: same, plus "Setup Machine" biped. (
10: Flash animation
11: "Silent lipsync" flash animation
12: Excerpt from my short film, all animation and visual effects by me. ( )
13-14: Zombie rig and model created at 7 studios. animation by me for "Six Flags Fun Park" on the Nintendo Wii.
15-16-17: Characters animated in Flash
18: "Lobo" Model and rig by me. Based on Bruce Timm's rendition of the DC comics character. ( )
19: "Robot band" model created at 7 studios for "Six Flags Fun Park." Rigged and animated by me.
20-21-22: Flash animation by me.

Thanks for watching. GIMME A JOB!
Joel "Dudley" Stapley