Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OOdles of NEWdles

Oy, have I been busy. Kind of.
A) I'm putting on an art show!
ROCKET ROLL!! Art inspired by the books and movies nerds love, and the music that makes everyone look cool. (so, sci-fi + Rock and Roll.)
here's a quicky poster.

If you can't see or read the image, the show is on October the 9th at 7:30 at the BuckWild gallery in Venice. So please come and bring friends if you're in LA. Bring a hot-rod, or a pack of cigarettes rolled up in your sleeve, or a light saber, or a 'too cool for school" attitude.
One of my pieces is a (hopefully) functional electric guitar. Here's a work-in-progress shot.

(it's a rocket ship, get it?)

Contributors include
Nathan Stapley
Daniel Stone
Robert Iza
Nate Villanueva
Phil Rynda
Shane Corn
Kristen Campbell
Sal Carrasco
Brant Rotramel
David Parker
and (quite possibly) more!
Maybe these guys will post some of their pieces on their blogs... hint

B) New Cartoon!

It's pretty sloppy, I know. But I just wanted to post it along with the news above. Episode 4 is not even close to being done. So don't look for it soon. Hopefully with it I'll post a dumb short that I'll be getting back to work on after the art show.
C)SECRET NEWS!! It's new! you can see it! but I'm too embarassed to point it out to anyone. See if you can find it!

So most importantly, COME TO THE ART SHOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!